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Solar Power Systems attract significant investment and there are a few misconceptions that one has about these systems versus what you can realistically expect. As the solar power industry evolved over the last decade, there have been significant improvements in understanding of the technology and availability of services, bridging the gap between expectations & reality. Here we go over some of the common ones:

1. Impact of Weather

  • Expectation

It is believed that solar power systems are highly effective in hot climatic locations where they get ample sunlight on their solar module which then generates greater amounts of energy. It is unproductive for all other places.

  • Reality

Did you know that one of the best places in India for solar is Leh & Ladakh! Solar actually works on intensity of sunlight and not temperature. While hot and humid conditions of Rajasthan may provide ample sunlight but it is actually the clear low temperature sunny days of Leh & Ladakh that result in the best. Temperature adversely impacts the solar generation.

2. Impact on your roof/building

  • Expectation

Due to the extensive installation process, a solar system may damage the roof or the aesthetics of your residence or building

  • Reality

The expert Siret Energy team understands both the aesthetics and roof type before suggesting a solution and hence a Siret Energy system will only add value to your properly and improve the strength and life of your roof by saving it from thwarts of nature. Not to forget, it would keep it cool too!

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